Zebrawood voltar
General Description Working Properties

Lumber Name(s): Zebrawood.

Grown in: Central Africa.

Description: Zebrawood is typically sold in a quartered selection to maximize the contrasting striping that gives this wood its name. With distinct brown/black lines alternating between a tan colored background, Zebrawood is primarily used for design accents.

Color Range: Zebrawood exhibits a wide range of color variation, as the name suggests.

Color Change: Zebrawood, over time, undergoes a medium degree of color change, with the ambering and darkening of the straw/tan background into a more golden brown base as the dark striping becomes even darker.

Where to Use: Zebrawood is primarily used for accent strips, in patterns and wherever its bold striping provides the design element sought after.

Hardness: 1575

Blunting Effect: The wood exerts slight to moderate blunting effect on cutting tools.

Cutting Resistance: The material is reported to be very easy to saw but cross-cutting may produce rough surfaces. It is reported to saw easily in the seasoned contion. Large trees are reported to often suffer damage in the form internal fractures which remain hidden until logs are processed.

Planing: Planing is reported to be rather difficult. Material containing interlocked grain may tear badly, but torn surfaces can be smoothed by sanding.

Turning: The wood is reported to work well in most machining operations including, turning, boring, moulding, mortising, and routing. It responds well to most ordinary tools, with moderate dulling of cutting edges. Torn surfaces are reported to be a common machining defect in material with interlocked grain.

Gluing: The wood is reported to have good gluing properties, but may need filling.

Sanding: The wood has good sanding properties and the operation is is reported to be often required to clean fuzzy surfaces produced from other machining operations. The use of a belt sander has been recommended.

Polishing: The wood has good finishing and polishing characteristics.

Varnishing: Varnishing characteristics are reported to be good.

Response to Hand Tools: The material responds well to hand tools.