Wenge voltar
General Description Working Properties

Lumber Name(s): Wenge.

Grown in: Central Africa.

Description: Wenge is a uniform dark chocolate brown color that is used primarily for contrasting accent strips or in those areas desiring such bold dark look. Wenge is offered in selected straight grain for a very uniform look or in mixed graining, where the flat sawn figure yields a visible “flower” look. A related species from East Africa, Panga Panga, is also offered in the trade. It has the same graining as Wenge but with a more yellowish tone to it and never darkens as much as Wenge.

Color Range: Wenge, once aged is very uniform in color. Selected straight grain yields the most uniform selection.

Color Change: Wenge exhibits a large degree of color change with pronounced darkening from the yellowish color it is when freshly milled to a deep chocolate/black brown when aged. This process happens within a few months.

Where to Use: Wenge, one of the world's premier dark species, is used wherever a strong contrast is desired when used as accent strips, or may be used where the dark color and unique graining will make a design statement. Wenge and may used residentially & commercially.

Hardness: 1630

Blunting Effect: The wood exerts medium blunting effect on cutting tools.

Cutting Resistance: The timber is reported to saw slowly.

Planing: The timber is reported to be fairly easy to work with machine tools.

Turning: Wenge is reported to be popular as a good turnery wood.

Gluing: The material is reported to be rather difficult to glue because of the presence of resin cells.

Nailing: The timber is described as tough and strong, and requires pre-boring in nailing, but holding characteristics are reported to be good.

Sanding: Sanding characteristics are reported to be satisfactory.

Polishing: The wood is reported to be rather difficult to polish, but satisfactory polishing results can be obtained after filling.

Varnishing: Varnishing properties are reported to be rather poor. Some solvent-based stains are reported to dry with difficulty.

Response to Hand Tools: The wood responds well to hand tools.