Teak voltar
General Description Working Properties

Lumber Name(s): True Teak.

Grown in: Burma and Thailand naturally and then in plantations throughout the tropical world.

Description: True Teak has been prized for centuries as one of the worlds most durable and stable woods for outdoor use. Traditionally used on boats and in outdoor furniture, Teak has also been widely used for flooring.

Color Range: True Teak exhibits a wide range of colors when fresh cut, from pale yellows to orange browns with darker striping, all of which mellows into medium brown tones.

Color Change: True Teak undergoes an extreme degree of color change with pronounced color change from the highly variegated coloring found in material fresh sanded which then darkens to a golden brown with substantial muting of the initial color range over time.

Where to Use
True Teak may be used residentially wherever the distinguished look of one of the world’s most prized woods is desired.

Hardness: 1155

Blunting Effect:: The wood exerts severe blunting effect on cutting edges. Tungsten carbide-tipped cutters are recommended.

Cutting Resistance: The wood is fairly difficult to saw and tungsten-carbide cutting tools are recommended.

Planing: Cutting angles should be reduced to 20 degrees for best results.

Turning: The material is moderately easy to turn, but cutters tend to dull rapidly and severely.

Moulding: Moulding properties are reported to be generally good.

Boring: Boring operations are reported to be fairly easy, but cutting edges may dull rapidly.

Routing & Recessing: Routing properties are reported to be moderately easy, but cutting edges dull rapidly.

Mortising: The material responds well to sharp cutters in mortising operations.

Carving: The material is reported to carve well.

Gluing: Freshly sanded or planed surfaces are reported to be fairly easy to glue.