Afzelia voltar
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Lumber Name(s): Afzelia / Apa / Doussie.

Grown in: West & Central Africa.

Description: Doussie is a beautiful orange/brown wood which ages to a medium brown color. It is one of the most popular imported flooring species used in Europe.

Color Range: Doussie exhibits a medium range of color variation between golden tans to darker orange/browns.

Color Change: Doussie undergoes substantial color change with pronounced darkening from a light orangey brown to a deeper mahogany color over time.

Where to Use: Doussie is used both residentially and commercially wherever the rich look of a lighter mahogany colored floor is desired.

Hardness: 1770

Cutting Resistance: Reported to be rather difficult to saw because cutting edges dull rather rapidly.

Blunting Effect: The material is reported to require appropriate tools to work because of its relative hardness.

Planing: Interlocked grain combined with hardness are reported to make Chanfuta rather difficult to plane. It requires appropriate tools and a reduced cutting angle of 15 degrees to prevent torn grain.

Moulding: Moulding is reported to be difficult due to rapid dulling of cutters.

Gluing: The wood is reported to be difficult to glue and needs special attention for best results.

Nailing: Pre-boring is recommended before nailing but nail-holding properties are reported to be good.

Sanding: The material is reported to sand to a smooth finish.

Polishing: Polishing qualities are reported to be very good.

Staining: The wood is reported to take finishes well.

Steam Bending: Steam bending characteristics are reported to be fair.