“Mission is the starting point for our analysis of the formulation and implementation of business strategy. Mission refers to the broadpurpose, or reason, that a business exists”.

“Good missions supply both inspiration and a sense of direction for the future”.

Robert Simons


Castro & Filhos , S.A. is characterized by the following:

- Mission: to produce floors at a competitive price and with recognized quality in order to satisfy the customers demands and to provide them with an increased added value; to accompany the growth and the evolution of the market trying, as much as possible, to achieve a maintained competitive advantage relatively to the bigger dynamic group of competitors and to consolidate the relationship with their suppliers.

- Vision: to focus in the quality and differentiation, strongly concentrating the attentions in the widening of the market and in a bigger satisfaction and motivation of all the collaborators.

- Strategy
: the diversification of the markets and of the products. In the context of the diversification of the markets, it has been presenting its products at the biggest international floors expositions (such as the Domotex in Hannover, the Mosbuild in Moscow, the Interbuild in Birmingham, the Construmat in Barcelona, the Construtec in Madrid, the Batimat in Paris, and so in Bilbao ao Kiev). This strategy coupled with a straight relationship with our customers has led to the diversification of customers at an international level Concerning the products diversification, it is worth highlighting all the efforts put on the creation of new alternative products that incorporate more technology and know-how. This effort enabled the company to respond to the increasing needs stirred up by the market, allowing simultaneously for an optimization in the utilization of the resources. In the strategic scope, it is also of relevance to note the investment that was made with the installation of a new industrial unit in Hungary, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the emergent Eastern markets. Finally, a range of pro-active investment policies are being undertaken in order to improve all the infrastructures on the Portuguese industrial unit. This is of vital importance to provide a professional and adequate answer to the growing demand shown by the global market.